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Jim is running a middle school public forum tournament at Seattle University, Sunday, May 6, 2018.

May 2018 Seattle U Middle School Debate Tournament


Seattle U Middle School Tournament Results from March 2018 (click results tab in upper right)


Feb. 2018

Big Q Results


Feb Speaks

Feb Results

Feb Cumes



Big Question Online Tournament

Sun. Feb. 25, 2018

High School and Middle School

Speak and Debate online from anywhere with an internet connection.

Resolved: Humans are fundamentally different from other animals.

Big Question--How to, Sample Cases, etc. – where you will debate

12:45 Accept your invite to for test debates

  1:00 Round 1

  2:30 Round 2

  4:00 Round 3

  5:30 Awards

  5:45 Elims (semi-finals or finals)

All times shown are Pacific Coast Time.



Windows or Mac OS Computer (tablets and phones do NOT work)

Web Camera

Reliable internet connection

Windows: Chrome Browser

Macs: Safari Browser

We use



Email Jim at you can also email Jim at his other addresses)

Tell Jim how many debate teams (note—teams can be one person debating on their own).

Tell Jim how many judges you will have.

The rest of the entry happens on when you invite your debaters to the site on Sunday morning/midday on Dec. 17, 2017.


School Fee $40

Debate Team Fee $10

Judge Fee $40 per uncovered debate team

You need 1 judge per 2 teams.

Partial commitment judges are expected to judge all rounds and for rounds beyond commitment, fees are reduced.

If you need to hire judges, please tell Jim at least one week before the tournament starts at


Mailed to online participants.

Big Question Tournament

NSDA Plaques for the top teams (note—if you wish a plaque for each student on a team, additional $15 cost)

Stuffed animals for those placing (top half of speakers; debaters that advance to elims).

Silver Stainless Steel Platters for first place (not for Big Question Tournament).


Big Question

Open Division (possibility of novice breakout).


Exception? We want your students to have the right opportunity. Contact Jim Hanson at 



By 12:45 pacific coast time, ALL participants, check-in at 

Every debater, speaker and judge tests their web cam audio and video to make sure it works.

NOTE: We pair only those who are in

Every debater and judge views this:

Judge – Coach Expectations PPoint

Student – Observer Expectations PPoint





Email Jim Hanson (Tab) questions at or


Big Question Speaking Times:

·        Big Question Debate on the Humans different from animals topic

·        Consider Big Q Debate to be just like Public Forum Debate with longer speeches and no grand crossfire and a “big picture” topic.

·        5-5-3-4-4-3-3-3-3-3 with 5 minutes of prep for each side.

·        Aff constructive (5 minutes)

·        Neg constructive (5 minutes)

·        Questions (3 minutes)

·        Aff Rebuttal (4 minutes)

·        Neg Rebuttal (4 minutes)

·        Questions (3 minutes)

·        Aff Consolidation (3 minutes)

·        Neg Consolidation (3 minutes)

·        Aff Rationale (3 minutes)

·        Neg Rationale (3 minutes)


·        Judge emails who won and speaker points (24.1 to 29.9 scale—most scores 27.1 to 28.6)

·        Judge gives constructive feedback to debaters orally

·        Judge emails full ballot with 1) the best aff args; 2) the best neg args; 3) the reason for decision; 4) optional but encouraged: written comments on what to improve


Feb. 2018

Big Q Results


Feb Speaks

Feb Results

Feb Cumes


Dec. 2017 Results


LD Speaking Times:

Lincoln-Douglas Debate, one on one debate on the topic for the month (Oct 8 will use Nov topic)

·        6-3-7-3-4-6-3 with 4 minutes of prep for each side.

·        Affirmative constructive speech (6 minutes)

·        Negative cross-examination of affirmative (3 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for neg.

·        Negative constructive speech (7 minutes)

·        Affirmative cross-examination of negative (3 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for aff.

·        Affirmative rebuttal (4 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for neg.

·        Negative rebuttal and summary (6 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for aff.

·        Affirmative summary (3 minutes)

PF Speaking Times:

·        Public Forum, two vs two debate on the topic for the month (Oct 8 will use the Nov topic)

·        4-4-3-4-4-3-2-2-3-2-2 with 4 minutes of prep for each side.

·        Pro Case (4 minutes)

·        Con Case (4 minutes)

·        Crossfire (3 minutes)

·        Pro Rebuttal (4 minutes)

·        Con Rebuttal (4 minutes)

·        Crossfire (3 minutes)

·        Pro Summary (2 minutes)

·        Con Summary (2 minutes)

·        Grand Crossfire (3 minutes)

·        Pro Final Focus (2 minutes)

·        Con Final Focus (2 minutes)

Speech-Interp Speaking Times

·        Interps: 10 minutes with 30 second grace period.*

--Interpers can use any kind of interp for this event.

·        Expos-Oratory: 10 minutes with 30 second grace period.*
--Students can do either Expos (informative speech) or Oratory (persuasive speech) for this event.

·        *if your Expos/Interp Reading is 8 minutes—just tell the judge.

·        Extemp: 30 minutes prep with 7 minute speech; Impromptu: 6 minutes for prep AND speaking.
--Students can do either impromptu or extemp speaking for the Extemp-Impromptu event.









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