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Welcome to our online debates!

Debaters in the Puget Sound and throughout the U.S., Canada, anywhere can join us.

2018    Sept. 23     Nov. 4     Dec. 9    

2019     Jan. 20     Mar. 3     Apr. 28

Sept. 23 NW Parli Warmup and Apr. 28 NW IPDA Champs, 10am start, 6:30pm awards, 9:45pm elims finish

Nov. 4, Dec. 9, Jan. 20, Mar. 3
Check-in BEFORE Noon (post your name in the chat bar on the right side of
Noon, Rd 1
1:45pm, Rd 2
3:15pm, Rd 3
5pm, Semis
6:45pm, Awards
7pm, Finals

All times shown are Pacific Coast Time.

History of Results



Email Jim at (or any of jim’s emails) with number of debaters and judges you will need to hire (1 judge covers 2 debaters).

Due Wed. evening the week of the tournament BUT IF YOU ARE GOING TO HIRE MORE THAN 1 JUDGE—contact Jim one week or more ahead.

Jim does not need names.



Required: Test at least ONE DAY before the tournament

Windows or Mac OS Computer (tablets and phones do NOT work)

Web Camera

Reliable internet connection

Windows: Chrome Browser

Macs: Safari Browser (Chrome is better)

We use



Debater Fee: $25 per online debater

Judging Fees Sept. 23 and Apr. 28: $60 per uncovered IPDA debater; Judging Fees Nov 4, Dec 9, Jan 20, Mar 3: $40 per uncovered IPDA debater; (all dates, you need 1 judge per 2 IPDA debaters; you may not hire for more than 4 debaters).

Partial commitment judges are expected to judge all rounds and for rounds beyond commitment, fees are reduced.

If you need to hire judges, please tell Jim at least one week before the tournament starts at


Awards are mailed.

Stuffed animals for those placing (top half of speakers; debaters that advance to elims).

Silver Platters/Charger Plates for first place.


IPDA Debate

Novice (debaters who have competed at 8 or less debate tournaments)

Open (open to any participant).

Exception? We want your students to have the right opportunity. Contact Jim Hanson at 




Every debater and judge tests their tech to make sure it works on (coaches--go to, create debates with your students, have them test that their video and audio—ditto for your judges).   Seek help from Jim for tech issues before the tournament starts.

By 10am (Sept 23 and Apr 28) and Noon (Nov 4, Dec 9, Jan 20, Mar 3) pacific coast time, Check-in.

1. Debaters, judges, coaches be live in

--By Noon, you MUST post your name in the chat on the right. If you don’t, you won’t be paired for the debate.

We use

2. Coaches-students report any errors in the pairings to Jim Hanson asap

3. Every debater and judge views this:

Judge – Coach Expectations PPoint

Student – Observer Expectations PPoint





IPDA Speaking Times:

·        25 min. prep before you debate*

·        5-2-6-2-3-5-3 with 1 minute prep before each speech.

·        Affirmative constructive speech (5 minutes)

·        Negative cross-examination of affirmative (2 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for neg.

·        Negative constructive speech (6 minutes)

·        Affirmative cross-examination of negative (2 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for aff.

·        Affirmative rebuttal (3 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for neg.

·        Negative rebuttal and summary (5 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for aff.

·        Affirmative summary (3 minutes)

·        *if the tournament is running behind schedule, Jim Hanson reserves the right to shorten prep to 20 minutes.


Email Jim Hanson (Tab) questions at or








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