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Jan 14, 2018 Warm Room

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Round 1

Democrats should refuse to work with Trump until he apologizes.

The Republican tax bill is good for the economy.

Hawaiians should receive restitution for the false missile threat messages.

ST3 is inadequate.

The United States should increase development aid to poor countries.


Round 2

The United States should increase regulation of artificial intelligence.

Star Trek: The Original Series is the best of the Star Trek television series.

Retailers should refuse to engage in Fast fashion.

People should be restricted from purchasing more than 4 alcoholic drinks per day.

The US should ban the use of the death penalty.


Round 3

The US should increase the use of wind energy.

Football should be banned.

Sugar should be heavily taxed.

ISPs should not allow anonymous internet identities.

Religious organizations should provide the same birth control coverage for their employees as non-religious organizations.



The US should implement a carbon tax.

Healthy lunches improve student health only a small amount.

Smartphones are net harmful to teens.

Fox News should be required to change its name to Fox Opinion or similar.

Donald Trump should be removed from the Presidency under the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution.



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