Climb the Mountain

October 2017 Warm Room

In Person & Online Debates

BP-Worlds Scrimmages


Oct. 8 Bellevue College BP and In-person debaters—go to L building



Congrats to everyone!

UW Bothell takes first place in Open and Novice!








Start time is 6:20pm

- eBook technology (eg Kindle) is harmful to the reading experience

- A college diploma is the new high school degree

- Family Guy is more entertaining than the Simpsons

- Companies such as Airbnb and Lyft are healthy additions to their respective industries

--The US federal government should mandate a $15 per hour minimum wage nationwide.


Open LD Finals.htm

No novice finals


IDPA Topics round 3

Debates start at 4:45pm

- Trump and Tillerson are using the "good cop / bad cop" strategy against North Korea

- Puerto Rico should be adopted as a US state

- The US should refocus its military budget to highlight disaster relief

- The University of Washington Huskies will win the national championship

- Scott Pruitt is worse than Betsy DeVos

Novice LD Round 3.htm

Open LD Round 3.htm


--topics at 2:35pm approx.

The US should promote and invest in Google Fiber infrastructure for all of America

Twitter should ban Trump from using Twitter

Nuclear power should be looked into as a primary source of energy

News should highlight mass shooting victims, rather than the shooter's personal life.

Sugar should be heavily taxed.

--begin debates at 3:00

Novice LD Round 2.htm

Open LD Round 2.htm



The US should increase the use of wind power

Automation will destroy the value people see in their lives.

Phones should have a headphone jack.

All health insurance should cover contraceptives

Spain should separate into completely autonomous regions.


--judges, setup skype call and competitors strike topic over skype chat function

--round begins 25 minutes after topic is announced

Novice LD Round 1.htm

Open LD Round 1.htm



BP Debates

Congrats to all participants!

PLU takes first place! Seattle U top novice team.






Round 3

This house believes kneeling is a more effective protest for achieving racial justice than other alternatives.

debates begin at 5:10pm


judges to be set; judges see jim


Round 2

debates begin at 3:15pm

This house believes Obamacare will survive Donald Trump






This house would leave NAFTA.





12:45 Check-In

  1:00 Round 1

  2:15 Round 2

  3:30 Round 3

  5:00 Finals

  6:15  Awards


12:45 Check-In

  1:00 Round 1

  2:45 Round 2

  4:30 Round 3

  6:15 Recognitions*

*note because BP-Worlds is free, there are no awards

All times shown are Pacific Coast Time.
IPDA and BP-Worlds are College Events; IE (Speeches/Interps), LD and PF are High School Events.

   How to Online Debate!
(note—this document will be updated)



Oct 8 Climb Debates and BP-Worlds Scrimmage

Nov 5 Climb Debates and BP-Worlds Scrimmage*

Dec 10 Climb Debates and BP-Worlds Scrimmage*

Jan 21 Climb Debates and BP-Worlds Scrimmage*

Mar 4 Climb Debates and BP-Worlds Scrimmage*

Apr 22 Climb Debates and BP-Worlds Championships*

*bp-worlds additional scrimmage dates tbd



Debater/Speaker Fee: $20 per debater/speaker except free for BP-Worlds teams*

Judging Fees: $40 per uncovered IPDA debater; $20 per uncovered BP-Worlds team (you need 1 judge per 2 IPDA debaters; you may not hire for more than 2 debaters; you need 1 judge per 4 BP teams; you may not hire for more than 4 BP teams)

Partial commitment judges are expected to judge all rounds and for rounds beyond commitment, fees are reduced.

*Note: BP-Worlds debaters do not receive awards.

If you need to hire judges, please tell Jim at least one week before the tournament starts at


Handed to in-person participants and mailed to online participants.

Stuffed animals for those placing (top half of speakers; debaters that advance to elims).

Silver Stainless Steel Platters for first place.

*No awards for BP-Worlds debaters because there are no fees.


IPDA Debate

Novice (debaters who have competed at 8 or less debate tournaments)

Open (open to any participant).

BP Worlds Debate

Novice (teams with debaters who both have competed at 8 or less debate tournaments)

Open (open to any teams)

Exception? We want your students to have the right opportunity. Contact Jim Hanson at 



By 12:45 pacific coast time, Check-in

1. Coaches confirm to Jim Hanson that all debaters/speakers and judges are online or at the tournament building and are ready

2. Coaches-students report any errors in the pairings to Jim Hanson asap

3. Every debater and judge views this:

Judge – Coach Expectations PPoint

Student – Observer Expectations PPoint

4. Every debater, speaker and judge tests tech to make sure it works.   Seek help from X for tech issues





IPDA Speaking Times:

·        5-2-6-2-3-5-3 with 1 minute prep before each speech.

·        Affirmative constructive speech (5 minutes)

·        Negative cross-examination of affirmative (2 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for neg.

·        Negative constructive speech (6 minutes)

·        Affirmative cross-examination of negative (2 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for aff.

·        Affirmative rebuttal (3 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for neg.

·        Negative rebuttal and summary (5 minutes)

·        1 minute prep for aff.

·        Affirmative summary (3 minutes)

BP-Worlds Speaking Times:

Novice: 6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6 with 1 min prep before each speech

Open: 7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7

·        Prime Minister

·        Leader of the Opposition

·        Deputy Prime Minister

·        Deputy Leader of the Opposition

·        Member of Government

·        Member of Opposition

·        Government Whip

·        Opposition Whip



Email Jim Hanson (Tab) questions at or








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